Workshops & training

Here at gurragawee we have a strong focus on environmental and sustainable living. The entire property is powered by 100% renewable energy sourced from multiple solar plants. and will also be used as a training facility for the education of off-grid energy installers.

We encourage the delivery of education for individuals, businesses and community organizations who wish to adopt sustainability and sustainable business practices.  Gurragawee is dedicated to ecological restoration of its habitat.  Through practices taken from the International award winning Big Scrub Landcare group  Gurragawee is returning through a steady process areas back to natural forest.

In this year gurragawee has planted over 3,500 natives, commenced selective noxious and introduced specie reduction in targeted areas to increase creek functionality and access to its natural beauty.  This is a slow and steady continuum and includes areas along the incoming driveway, reas that will now give views of water landscapes that were hidden in overgrowth or inaccessible.

They provide industry-based education that is solely focused on:

  • Energy, waste and water efficiency
    • Renewable energy
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Environmental management
    • Sustainable business management.

Gurragawee plans to offer a significant opportunity to experience live-in short courses and learn about renewables on the significant off-grid electrical system, or about applications towards sustainability and the local environment, Gurragawee presents opportunities rarely found across Australia.