Gurragawee photoshoot location

Location scouting is boring, Gurragawee has so many landscapes, buildings, drop backs, lighting, colours and atmosphere any photoshoot becomes a masterpiece.

A great location starts with great light. Gurragawee allows you to use light filtered, raw or soft from every angle changing composition, mood and grain of your masterpieces.  If you need a different light, just wait, it will come at Gurragawee, if not it will be available in another unique area on the property.  Your options are unlimited.

Photoshoots at Gurragawee are more fun.  No crowds, no hassles, easy going relaxed atmosphere in a country setting with water, buildings trees, grass, old and new; it is all here for your unique outcome.

Gurragawee is private making interference from ‘photo bombing’ non existent.  It is adaptable and you do not need permission to move around the property, making the whole experience a hassle free day.

Save your location scouting, come to gurragawee.